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A deeper and broader understanding of the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures has not been part of our knowledge, not only in Mexico but throughout the world. Key philosophical and cultural concepts, which could be important to face the challenges of modern society, have been absent in our conversations. Now, after decades of research and highly sophisticated scholarship in the decipherment, translation, and interpretation of ancient documents and art objects, we have new access to key information, revealing a system of knowledge and a sophisticated philosophy about the world and the roles of humans within it. These learning experiences will allow participants to explore these new frameworks, concepts and understandings of Maya cosmology and worldview.

Active Learning

Creative Expression

Visits to sacred sites

Experiential contemplation practices

Dialogue and inquiry

This experience will create a critical opportunity to bring Maya and Mesoamerican ideas to light through new scientific understanding, expanded awareness and multi-disciplinary knowledge. The purpose of this immersion is to learn, through different guided experiences, key ideas in Maya cosmology, philosophy and science. We will reflect on how structures, stories and metaphors of the ancient past can inform our experience of living today. They reflect a deep understanding of human roles and their relationships to self, community and to the cosmos – ideas that we believe are relevant to our lives today, and deeply relevant in this moment of our disconnected existence.

We invite you to rethink how we orient ourselves within a larger world, and how we construct and reconstruct our own narratives as individuals and communities.


We have thoroughly chosen the speakers for this masterclass, according to the experience they have on specific topics about the Mayan culture.

  • David S. Stuart

    World’s leading Maya epigrapher, University of Texas

  • Claudia Madrazo

    President and Founder
    la vaca independiente

  • Diana Magaloni

    Director of the Art of the Ancient Americas Program, LACMA

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TECOH, is a living work of Art, designed by Cuban Artist Jorge Pardo.

Deep in the Yucatan jungle, the sprawling series of buildings took over six years to be fabricated, engaging existing ruins of a nineteenth-century hacienda. Tecoh is by far the artist’s most ambitious work to date.

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Hacienda Tecoh, 97820
Izamal Municipality,
Yucatán, México


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